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Tuesday 27 August 2013

Feedback summarized

It took a while but we finally have the pleasure to share with you a few numbers describing GeeCON 2013. A big thank you everyone who has filled in our satisfaction surveys. Most of the respondents were Software Engineers, who made up the biggest group among attendees this year. Most came from Poland (Kraków, Wrocław,Warszawa, Poznań and Łódź), but Germany, the Czech Republic, Serbia, UK, France and USA had also sent numerous representatives.

Looks that the overwhelming majority of participants (98%) are satisfied and express the will to come back next year! We take it as a big compliment -- thank you.

Still, we need to acknowledge some technical problems which we need to solved by 2014. The list includes unstable WiFi and the technical difficulties which arose while connecting the products of an acclaimed american manufacturer to the cinema beamers. Sorry for that. Since we are staying in Cracow for one more year, we will have plenty of time to improve things.

In this edition we decided to add discussion panels, relatively new formula for us, to our schedule. We enjoyed them a lot,  although some of you have pointed out that we should assign more time for questions from the audience.

We also decided to resign from GeeCON University and extend regular GeeCON to 3 days instead. Most of you seem pleased with this new format, so we will definitely follow this path next year too.

Now, the dry statistics: a summary of grades given to GeeCON in different categories (5 is the highest).

2012 2013
No. of responses 111 107
Venue 4.2 4.39
Food 4 3.6
Quality of talks 3.8 3.9
Atmosphere 4.3 4.4
Parties 3.9 3.8
Organization 4.4 4.28
Open Spaces 4.2 4.38
Overall score 4.2 4.2

Not bad! But there still is space left for improvement. It seems that we have managed to increase the quality of talks up a bit. Some of you are probably waiting to see who got the crown of the best speaker this year. Ladies and gentlemen, it is you who have decided. Here comes the list of top 10 (in fact 11) GeeCON 2013 speakers:
  1. Patrick Copeland 
  2. Jessica Kerr
  3. Joel Spolsky
  4. Sandro Mancuso
  5. Ken Sipe
  6. Sven Peters
  7. Oliver Gierke
  8. Sam Newman
  9. Wojtek Seliga
  10. Paweł Brodziński 
  11. Szczepan Faber
Some of them you have gotten to know quite well ;-) They will always be welcomed at GeeCON with arms wide open, but we will keep looking for new interesting people to introduce to you next time.

Last but not least, several people had prepared their reviews of GeeCON, this list include:
Thanks for this and see you next year ;-)