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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

OpenJDK Test Fest alias Adopt JDK

If it's worth writing, it's worth testing. Otherwise, why did you write it in the first place?

Now, OpenJDK is something that many rely on. So... it's even more worth testing. Thus this very event, where you, dearest reader, can test Java.

Big thank you to Steve Poole and Richard Warburton for this as well as their participation!

I'm sold, where do I register?

Polish Java User Group invites you to event site on their meetup. Technical setup required will be added there soon.

Worth knowing if you're coming!
There is a technical setup that should be done PRIOR to event. All outlined here, takes around half an hour!

API list - what will we test?

Thanks to Steve (thanks!) we have a list of API prepared for you. These are rather 'easy' targets in the sense that they are:
a) delivered
b) cross platform and
c) should be amenable to unit test style testing

List itself:
  1. JEP 105: DocTree API   
  2. JEP 172: DocLint
  3. JEP 106: Add Javadoc to javax.tools  
  4. JEP 136: Enhanced Verification Errors  
  5. JEP 130: SHA-224 Message Digests
  6. JEP 135: Base64 Encoding & Decoding
  7. JEP 150: Date & Time API  

Your pick matters!

Still, the list is not set in stone! There's a number of us coming, and it's quite fine to add something you wish to see tested.

Complete list of milestones for Java8 is a fine place to choose what you wish to see added.

How do I get my tests accepted into OpenJDK?

Easy. Just write well. Fast, robust, accurate and testing what should be tested - these are acceptance criteria. 

Also - no changing API! No additional JARs.

Finally, you'll have to sign Oracle Contributor Agreement, sharing copyrights. 

See you there!

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