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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Mission Accomplished!

On behalf of the GeeCON Team, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved and participated in this year’s GeeCON anniversary edition.

GeeCON is 5 years old!

It has been a pleasure to host such great speakers and work with such nice sponsors. Without your devotion we would not be able to organize an event like this!

We hope that GeeCON participants are also satisfied and have tons of new friends and ideas after the conference. Welcome to the GeeCON family :)

Please be sure to check our website next week. You can expect presentation slides, photos and a collection of fresh blog posts.

If you have anything interesting to share with us, do not hesitate to email us. Help us improve GeeCON! We would like to ask you to complete a survey that will be sent to your email box soon.

As announced before the closing keynote, our plan is to stay in Krakow for the 2014 edition... But maybe there is more to come then just the Kraków event... With all the new energy that you have given us, we are considering to do something else super special. Stay tuned!

Hope you all had fun and enjoyed your stay in Krakow. Join us next time!

There is no GeeCON without you, guys!

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