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Tuesday 3 April 2012

Q&A with Kevlin Henney

Photo of Kevlin Henney - GeeCON 2012 speaker
In a series of posts to come we will be releasing a Q&A with our speakers. This very first one features Kevlin Henney - the author of our closing keynote "Cool Code". So, without further ado, the Q&A.

What was your first computer? How old were you? What did you do with it?

The first computer I owned was a Sinclair ZX81. I was 13. I programmed it!

What will the next revolution be about?

What, the revolution where we change the global finance system and upset the corporate hegemony because of global dissatisfaction with it? Or the revolution where we change the global finance system and upset the corporate hegemony because modern computing and information structures redefine many of the assumed constants and limits of economics and human communication?

Are there enough women in IT? Why do you think so?

No. IT has an unhealthy and distorted gender imbalance. This is down to a mix of many factors, ranging from institutionalised assumptions and inertia to cultural perceptions and history. None of these factors is innate and they are changeable, but change takes time and work.

Why are you coming to speak at GeeCON?

First, I was invited. Second, I accepted! I haven't been before and it sounded like an event I wanted to attend. Initially it didn't look as if I would be able to make it. I managed, however, to rearrange a couple of things to make it possible.

What is the most important part of a programmers conference?

Not the speakers or the talks: the conversations in the corridors and spaces, some of which may be triggered by talks, but most of which are a by-product of getting a large group of motivated people together and giving them moments and places to share.

What do you want to teach the youngest and bravest developers? What message do you want to send?

Do it because it's fun. Make sure you don't lose sight of that.

We'll be asking the same 6 questions to a bunch of featured speakers. Stay tuned for a next batch of answers!

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