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Thursday 5 April 2012


As mentioned in last Saturday's post, we are very pleased to announce a Google Travel and Conference Grant. We have joined forces with Google for the 3rd time this year, and their very generous offer includes a free ticket and reimbursement of travelling expenses of up to 1000 EUR for the 3 chosen women (refer to the grant link above for details). Those folks sure do know how to not be evil!

So, gals and lasses of the ITverse, polish up your résumé and hit the link to post it on the Google's form. We will be sifting through those with them and choose the best applicants! Do not fret though if you won't qualify - we will be posting about the 2nd part of the offer soon after announcing the winners - we have a small grant of our own too and we will not hesitate to use it!

Girls @ geecon conference logo

This is just the first of our promotions. There is no doubt that there is an outrageous shortage of women in our field of expertise. However the GeeCON team will host unisex contests as well for all those pesky males out there murmuring under their noses about sexes inequality and unfair treatment.

But for now: girls, go turn your geek on!

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