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Friday, 20 April 2012

girls@geecon vol. 2

Heya all!

We have received a lot of CVs for the Google Grant promotion. We were overwhelmed by how many well qualified and talented women want to attend GeeCON! In fact, there were so many, that we have decided to add additional 2 tickets to the batch. 5 selected girls have already received an e-mail with registration instructions. However, do not lose hope if you haven't received a ticket. If any of the happy winners does not accept their grant (but let's be honest here - why wouldn't they?), it will be passed on to the next candidate

All is not lost though, we were promising another take at the promotion - this time aimed more towards the local community (anyone can take part though, however the offer doesn't include a travel grant this time). Submit your CV and tell us why is it you who should receive one of the extra 2 tickets we'll be offering. Send your application to contest@geecon.org. If you have already sent your CV to the Google grant, you don't have to resubmit it - it'll be taken into account automatically. The deadline for submissions is 27th April.

Thanks for taking part in this. Turn your geek on!

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