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Monday 16 April 2012

GeeCON creativity contest!

So your private budget may be fumbling to keep up with daily needs, and you might have used up all the employer's conference budget this year. Or you're a student student and after all the expenses you can barely afford a beer, not to mention a conference ticket. Or you might want to try out GeeCON but are not yet sure if it's worth it (it most certainly is!). Whatever the reason - you might not be a lucky owner of a GeeCON ticket yet*.

You might be thinking what's the best way to earn the extra buck to get that ticket. You may have many wild ideas that you want to try! You're smart. You're creative. You know you can do it. But don't go about selling that kidney yet, we have a special contest just for you!

Introducing: the GeeCON creativity contest!

GeeCON creativity contest visualisation ;)
Your brain - your gain! Turn that idea into a ticket.

Show us that you really are the one to get that ticket. Submit an idea. A proposal. A bit of an open source project. An interesting webapp. A piece of code. Cool GeeCON graphics. Even, *sigh*, a poem if you're feeling particularly artsy**!

Show us what a nerd you are and submit to contest@geecon.org whatever you think that is worth our time. The deadline is 25th April 30th April. We're waiting!

[EDIT]: due to popular demand, the deadline has been postponed.

* the contest applies to the happy ticket owners as well, we'll just reimburse your ticket if you win!
** we'd much prefer that your submission had sth. to do with coding, but we don't want to limit anyone!

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